Fighting for individuals

Ensuring safer communities for everyone

Our Mission

The legal team at Kennedy Kennedy & Ives is committed to building safer communities through the protection of civil rights. When government agencies and their employees fail to uphold these rights, we fight for legal justice on behalf of the victims and for policy changes that will prevent others from suffering the same betrayal. best lawyers

Looking for legal representation is a difficult task.

Especially when you or someone close to you is a victim or survivor of violence. You are likely suffering from shock and betrayal wondering, how could this have happened?
The legal team at Kennedy Kennedy & Ives is here to support you. We understand the devastating impact of violence and the importance of having your story heard. We know that legal justice will begin to turn things around.

Contact us when you’re ready. We’re here to listen. We’ll help you figure this out.

Areas of Practice

Police Misconduct

Police misconduct has hit epic proportions. We step in when the law enforcement has failed to uphold their legal and moral responsibilities.

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Sexual Violence

Kennedy Kennedy & Ives represents survivors of sexual violence who’ve be assaulted by someone in a position of authority. Our job is to ensure that our clients regain their sense of power.

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Wrongful Death

Kennedy Kennedy & Ives makes wrongful death cases high-profile. We want people and institutions held accountable.

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Children and Youth

A safe environment is paramount to their growth and exploration, and Kennedy Kennedy & Ives doesn't stop with holding individual perpetrators responsible. We work to reform systems to keep our children safe.

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